Here you will find all the info you need to integrate the various monetization tools OfferToro has to offer.


Unity SDK

SDK version 1.2
Updated: Feb 23, 2017

1. Introduction

The OfferToro Unity SDK gives Unity developers an easy way to integrate OfferToro OfferWall, Rewarded Video and Non-incent OfferWall modules into their native Unity apps.

The OfferToro Unity SDK can be downloaded HERE .

Before you can integrate our SDK into your project, you must first create a publisher account and then create an app placement.

2. Getting Started

The OfferToro SDK requires Unity 5th version as a minimum.

To integrate the SDK into your project, please follow the simple steps described below:

  • Step 1. Add the OfferToro SDK to your project

    OfferToroSdk-v1.2.unitypackage file should be added to your project (and should be automatically unpacked by Unity).

    import unity package

  • Step 2. Move SDK prefab file on top of your canvas

    You should be able to see SDKPrefabView.prefab on OfferToroLibrary folder as shown on the screenshot below:

    SDKPrefabView.prefab on package

    Move SDKPrefabView.prefab on top of canvas render as shown on the screenshot below:

    move sdkprefab view