Here you will find all the info you need to integrate the various monetization tools OfferToro has to offer.

Postback Notifications

Whenever a user makes a conversion, we will send you a URL request, called a 'Server to Server Postback' with some information. Using this information, you can reward the user who performed the action accordingly.

The postback will be sent to the global postback URL you have defined in your OfferToro's App Placement section .

The information will be sent to your postback URL, in one of the 2 methods:

Minimal Parameter Postback:

If you are using an Iframe based OfferWall, this method is recommended .

In Minimal Parameter Postback, the postback data added after the end of your postback url such as :

Custom Parameter Postback:

In this method, Postback Data is added to your own parameters such as:{id}&YourParamater2={oid}&YourClickId=user_id etc...

If you are using our API / Stand-Alone offers, this method is recommended.

Our main clickId parameter is called user_id . You can also pass/receive additional subids, using the following subid parameters :

Subid1, subid2, subid3 . Please check our API doc page for more info.


It is highly recommended to add oid parameter to your app postback url. This parameter represents the id of the converted offer. Comparing the id of the offer the user clicked on to the id of the offer which was converted can help you detect and avoid fraud attempts on your system.

Parameters List

The following is a list of all the parameters which are passed to you for every postback :

  • id = The ID of the conversion in our system
  • oid = The ID of the offer converted in our system
  • amount = The amount that your user should receive for this conversion nominated in your currency. For example if your currency name is Points and your Currency Equivalent field is 35 and the conversion is worth $1, we will send "35" in this field.
  • currency_name = The currency name that you set in your App's Placement page.
  • user_id = The id of your user, the one you have placed in the iframe integration. This id should not be empty or 0.
  • payout = The publisher's revenue for this conversion.
  • o_name = The name of the offer converted.
  • sig = A signature to be sure the postback is legit. The signature is composed the following way:

    md5(oid + "-" + user_id + "-" + Your App Placement's KEY). You can find your App's Placement key in the App's details page. AKA secret key .

  • package_id (for mobile campaigns only) = The package id for the android / iTunes app.
  • ip_address = IP Address of the user when the click happened.
  • subid1 / subid2 / subid3 = Those would be passed in case you have sent us some subid data (optional)

If you would like to pass those additional subids in your iframe based OfferWall, they can be passed in the following way.

Test Postback

In order to test the postback URL you set you can go to App placement, choose the app you would like to test and click on Postback Tester panel



We expect a "1" (without quotes) as a response to a successfully received postback and a "0" (without quotes) to indicate that the postback was received incorrectly. We will try to send the postback up to 5 times, based on the app settings, if we have not received a "1" as a reply. After that, we will send you an email with the data of the conversion so you can process it manually.


Postback IPs

All of our postbacks shall be sent from the following OfferToro IP:

Please white-list this IP as this is the ONLY IP we'll be sending postbacks from.