Here you will find all the info you need to integrate the various monetization tools OfferToro has to offer.

Create an App Placement

To create your first App Placement click on the Add App Placement section.


If you would like to add more than one App, please notice each App can be used for a specific platform/monetization tool. Please create one App per platform (web or mobile) and choose the monetization tool accordingly.

Add App Placement form:

Explanation of fields - App Name:

  • App Name: The name of your app/game/website, Give it a meaningful name.
  • App URL: The URL of your website or app
  • Explanation of fields - Monetization Tool:

    • Monetization Tool:
      • Offerwall - Desktop / Mobile Web: Browser Web Offerwall which monetize your desktop / mobile traffic.
      • API Feed / Pick Your Offers: Server to server integration / Choose specific offers to promote.
      • Offerwall SDK - Android: In-App Android Offerwall which monetize your mobile traffic.
      • Offerwall SDK - iOS: In-App iOS Offerwall which monetize your mobile traffic.
  • Explanation of fields - Currency and Exchange Rates:

    • The name of your currency: Please choose your currency name (For example: Points or Cents).
    • Exchange Rate: Value of your virtual currency per 1 USD. The exchange rate defines how many points will be equivalent to 1$ in revenue. For example: if you insert 100 then for every 1$ you'll earn, the user will receive 100 points.
      Please Note: The actual points’ value the user redeems after converting the offer is completely up to you! The conversion value in our system refers only to the number of points the user will receive for every dollar that you earned.
  • Explanation of fields - Postback Information:

    • Opt-out from receiving s2s postbacks: When enabled, our server will not send any postback to your server.
    • Opt-out from receiving postback email notifications: When enabled, we will not send emails regarding postbacks.
    • Send Negative Postback in case of Reversals: When enabled, our server will send postbacks to your server in cases of reversals.
    • Postback URL: A URL where we can send you conversion notifications.

    Postback methods documentation can be found here

    Once you complete the form and click Finish, you will be presented with a popup that tells you are eligible to download the SDK - if you selected the corresponding Monetization Tool.

    After clicking Finish, you should see your app placement listed in the App Placements Overview section.