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Introduction to API


With the OfferToro API, you can automatically pull offers and display the ones which fits your business. If your are using our web OfferWall, or our mobile SDK, there is no need for you to access our API. Only use it if you intend to pull specific campaigns into your system.

Accessing the API{Your_pubid}&appid={Your_appid}&secretkey={Your_Secret_Key}&country=us&platform=web&format=xml

pubid, can be found in your OfferToro account under the Account Tab. Look for Publisher Id (pubid)

appid, (the id of your App Placement), and secretkey can be found by going to 'App Placement' in your OfferToro account, then by clicking on the app placement you want to pull the feed for. Its Mandatory that you create an App Placement before you can access the API. in your

secretkey is also known as App Key.

Note: Each App Placement you create, gets a separated API feed, with different appid, and different Secretkey (App Key)

Custom Filters

platform = WEB/MOBILE/ALL . Mobile will display mobile offers only. ALL will display both Mobile and Web offers.

country = US (or any other country code such as CA,GB etc... leave blank for ALL countries)

device = android / iphone / ipad (Device is only relevant for the mobile api feed)

format = xml / json

payout_type = cpi / cpe / cpa / web_cpe / cpc / free_trial / cps / registration / sweeps / general_cpa / survey

verticals = 1 / 0 - Offer Verticals will be sent by default. Add verticals=0 into the request URL to disable verticals in the response.

Note: For Multireward Offers, please contact your assigned Publisher Manager.

Feed Parameters


Offer_desc - the offer description

Call_to_action - the offer's "Call To Action" (CTA) text

Payout - in USD

Amount - in Virtual Currency


Device for mobile only- android / iphone / ipad / iphone_Ipad



Offer_URL - (not recommended)


Last_modified - Unix timestamp of when the offer was last updated.

Verticals - will be composed of the vertical_id (vertical's unique ID in our system), and the vertical_name.

Minimum_mobile_os_version - minimum os version required for the offer

Payout_type - will be composed of the payout type based on device type:

  • Mobile - (cpe, cpi)
  • Desktop - (survey, cps, registration, sweeps, web_cpe, free_trial, cpv, web_cpi, cpc, general_cpa)

Events - multi-reward events of the Offer. Each event will contain three fields:

  • Event Name - name of the event
  • Call to Action - describes what user needs to do to complete the event
  • Payout

Note: Event Payouts will replace the Offer Payout. Potential Payout is the Sum of all event payouts.

Tracking Link

We recommend pulling your tracking link from the parameter called:


Here is a sample of how it might look like[USER_ID]&tag=[tag]&GAID=[your_GAID]


Our main ClickID parameter is called : USER_ID

Make sure you replace [USER_ID] with your actual ClickID / UserID.

If you want to pass extra subids, you can do it in the following way:[USER_ID]&tag=[tag]&subid1=[your_subid]&subid2=[your_subid]&subid3=[your_subid]
Passing Device

Passing Device Id (GAID/IDFA) is highly recommended for mobile traffic

For Android, we expect to receive GAID, While for IOS traffic you should pass IDFA

Here is a sample of how those should be passed

- IOS[USER_ID]&tag=[tag]&IDFA=[Your_IDFA]

- Android[USER_ID]&tag=[tag]&GAID=[Your_GAID]

Passing these parameters will benefit you as a publisher as it will allow us to provide you with more offers

Tag ID [tag]

We need to know where the clicks came from so we can further optimize the offers that you are getting. Please make sure to replace the [tag] parameter in the tracking URL with the appropriate tags. You may select the tags as follows:

  • desktop - If the tracking URL will be used in a desktop. For example, user will click the URL using a desktop. This pertains to offers served in a browser, etc., but not through installable desktop apps.[USER_ID]&tag=desktop&subid1=[your_subid]&subid2=[your_subid]&subid3=[your_subid]
  • mobile - When the user will click the offer URL using a mobile device (regardless of OS), please use tag=mobile instead. The only excemption is for offers installed in an app.[USER_ID]&tag=mobile&subid1=[your_subid]&subid2=[your_subid]&subid3=[your_subid]
  • inapp - If you are integrating the offers in an app, or if the user needs to use an app (excluding browsers) to access the offer, please use param inapp.[USER_ID]&tag=inapp&subid1=[your_subid]&subid2=[your_subid]&subid3=[your_subid]