Here you will find all the info you need to integrate the various monetization tools OfferToro has to offer.


Android SDK

SDK version 3.1.11
Updated: Mar 06, 2018

4. Rewarded Video

  • Step 1. Initialize the SDK

    In order to initialize Rewarded Video, the following parameters should be passed in the initialization call: secret key, app id and user id.

    The call should look similar to:

    public static final String YOUR_RV_SECRET_KEY = ""; //set your value
    public static final String YOUR_RV_APP_ID = ""; //set your value
    public static final String YOUR_RV_USER_ID = ""; //set your value


    - APPID and SECRET_KEY can be found in your OfferToro account, under your "App Placement" settings.

    - UserID, is a parameter which should be passed from your end as an id for each end user of your app. A common practice is to use the Google Advertising ID (GAID) .

    Step 2. Create OfferToro SDK instance

    OfferToro SDK instances should be created in the activity by calling the following method:


    Step 3. Display the Rewarded Video

    After being successfully initialized, Rewarded Video could be displayed into the app.

    For displaying the Rewarded Video showVideoOffer() method should be called:


    Step 4. Implement Rewarded Video listeners

    The OfferToro SDK gives a possibility to be notified of events happening in Rewarded Video lifecycle via Rewarded Video listeners.

    The following listeners are available:

    onOTRVideosInitSuccess() - invoked when Rewarded Video is successfully initialized;

    onOTRVideosInitFail(string errorMessage) - invoked when Rewarded Video initialization fails and receives (@param errorMessage) describing the reason for fail;

    onOTRVideoStart() - invoked when Rewarded Video screen starts;

    onOTRVideoAvailability(boolean isAvailable) - automatically invoked every several minutes and indicates whether Rewarded Videos are available or not. The listener could also be updated at any point of time by calling getVideoOffersAvailability() method.

    onOTRVideoCredited(double amount) - invoked when Rewarded Video is credited and (@param amount) receives the amount of credits the user has earned for watching the video.

    To be notified of Rewarded Video events setVideoOfferListener(VideoOfferListener listener) method should be called:

    OffersInit.getInstance().setVideoOfferListener(VideoOfferListener listener);

    The OfferToro SDK gives a possibility to update onOTRVideoAvailability() listener via calling getVideoOffersAvailability() method.

    getVideoOffersAvailability() - updates onOTRVideoAvailability() listener.

    Step 5. Reward the User

    OfferToro SDK supports two ways to reward your Users. Those are:

    • 1. Client-side postback
    • 2. Server-to-Server postback

    Client-side postback

    The amount of credits the user has earned for watching the video is provided automatically via onOTRVideoCredited() listener.

    Server-to-Server postback

    Server to Server postbacks is a more secured way to receive notifications, in order to rewarded your users.
    To receive Server to Server postbacks, you must define your postback URL in your App Placement under your OfferToro account
    For more information - Please check this page: