Here you will find all the info you need to integrate the various monetization tools OfferToro has to offer.

Android SDK

SDK version 4.6
Updated: October 26, 2021

1. Introduction

The OfferToro Android SDK gives Android developers an easy way to integrate the OfferToro OfferWall, Rewarded Video, Non-incent OfferWall and SurveyWall modules into their native Android apps.

Before you can integrate our SDK, you must first create a publisher account, then create an app placement.

The OfferToro Android SDK can be downloaded from your publisher account under SDK section.

Note: From SDK version 4.1.0 and on, please make sure the app monetization tool you are using is 'SDK - Android'

Please make sure the monetization tool of the app you are using matches the required monetization tool of the integration. An integration with wrong monetization tool might not work.

2. Getting Started

OfferToro SDK requires minimum Android API level 22.

To integrate the SDK into your project, please follow the simple steps described below:

  • Step 1. Add the OfferToroSdk to your project

    OfferToroSdk-v4.6.aar file should be added to your project libs folder.
  • Step 2. Add following code to your Gradle file:

    The following code should be added to your build.gradle file:
    repositories {
        flatDir {
            dirs 'libs'
    dependencies {
        implementation ''
        implementation(name: 'OfferToroSdk-v4.6', ext: 'aar')

    Note: usesCleartextTraffic should be set to true on devices having Android 9 and up in order to allow a full communication with offertoro server. This setting should be added to the application manifest file: